TurboNet DASH 1® along with our integral HMI (Human Machine Interface) provides you a top notch control system. By using only the best, most effective hardware components, we guarantee results, whether we are making a smooth transition from your existing control system or installing a new one. With years of research and development this is available with the customization & capabilities the possibilities are endless to our customers. TDS has an off the counter philosophy for are hardware and components. Custom components are for specialized functions HMI/EWS & Historian functions.

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TurboNet DASH

TurboNet DASH 1® along with our integral Human Machine Interface (HMI) is the control system that can effectively operate the balance of plant and turbine controls, all in one cost effective package. 

TurboNet DASH 1® is our cutting edge control system software. With years of research and development behind it, TurboNet DASH 1® is now the power generation industry standard. By combining the best features from many of the most popular systems with our new unique features, we have developed a very efficient, quick and easy time saving programs to continue & troubleshoot the system. The reliability of the Linux operating system provides a stable platform that does not lock up. Turbine Diagnostic Services, Inc. (TDS) has years of HMI operating time without requiring a reboot of the HMIor EWS processors. The control processors operate on an extremely reliable Linux operating system, a real time operating system used where reliability is a must.