- Turbine Diagnostic Services, Inc. (TDS) offers its established TurboNet DASH 1® 

  control system for more complex needs. The TurboNet DASH 1®, developed

  and manufactured by TDS, is a custom configurable control system that is fast,

  user friendly, versatile and easily expandable to meet your facility needs. This

  system has DCS architecture and can be configured for any steam or gas turbine

  application or also used for balance of plant control.

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Turbine Generator control upgrades

Typical TurboNet DASH 1® Screen Views of Various Unit Type Configurations

Control Upgrade & Retrofit

- Turbine Diagnostic Services, Inc.

  (TDS)  can provide all system

  installation, calibration, functional

  testing, and start up and

  commissioning services required to

  retrofit or upgrade a steam or gas

  turbine generator control system or

  balance of plant DCS system.

- TDS can provide the engineers and

  manpower required for all aspects

  of the control system modification.

- Turbine Diagnostic Services, Inc. (TDS)  

  offers steam turbine governor upgrade

  services utilizing the Woodward 505

  governor for straight condensing or back

  pressure machines with one set of

  control valves.

- TDS also offers the Woodward 505E

  governor upgrade services for industrial

  customers with single auto-extraction /

  admission turbine generators with two

  sets of control valves.

The TurboNet DASH 1® control

system is capable of providing

turbine control for a single-auto,

double-auto, triple auto

extraction / admission machines,

or large steam turbines as well

as gas turbine generator and

diesel configurations.

A typical TurboNet DASH 1® Gas

Turbine Cabinet is shown to the right