Turbine Diagnostic Services, Inc. (TDS) has experienced turbine mechanical engineers and mechanical service representatives that are knowledgeable in the mechanical assembly of medium (industrial size), large (utility size) steam turbines, gas turbines, and generators.

TDS has an experienced millwright labor force to man contract and forced outage services. Our crew is turbine generator experienced and annually receive specific safety training to meet the Florida Phosphate Contractor Safety Training requirements.

Outage Planning, Job Management and Technical

- Contract Maintenance with Labor and Tooling
- Turbine Generator Minor and Major Inspections
- Minor Valve and Bearing Inspections
- Portable Oil Filtration and Conditioning System @ 100 GPM
- Existing Unit Removal / Re-Location / Re-Conditioning / 

  Re- Installation / Commissioning
- New Unit Installation and Commissioning

MEchanical Maintenance

Our Phones are 24/7

​- Steam & Gas
- Forced Outage Response
- Job Management & Outage Planning
- Technical Direction of Installation
- Contract Maintenance
- Steam Turbine Major & Minor Inspections

  Combustion System, Hot Gas Path,
  and Gas Turbine Major Inspections
- Valve Inspections
- Generator Maintenance
- Unit & SystemNewInstallations and Relocations

SOme of our maintenance services