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Generator Inspection & electrical testing

Some of Our Inspection Services Include

- Inspection, Lineup, Calibration, Start-Up and  

- Forced Outage Troubleshooting and Repair
- Servicing TurboNet DASH1
®, GE MHC-EHC Mark 1 to

  Mark 6, Woodward
- System Upgrades and Retrofits with TurboNet DASH 1

  Woodward and Bently Nevada

The TDS generator specialist engineers are knowledgeable in the operation of generators and common modes of failure and indications of excessive electromotive forces applied to the electrical winding. These engineers are familiar with the different types of stator high voltage insulation and proper repair procedures for air, hydrogen, and water cooled stator bars. 

Turbine Diagnostic Services, Inc. (TDS) mechanical service team will disassemble the generator, inspect

the generator mechanical components, reassemble, and align the generator.

The TDS Generator Specialist Engineers can conduct Inspections of the

Generator Starter, Generator Field, and

the Excitation System. They are are experienced in the startup testing required for new and relocated generators. These engineers can

perform synchronizing and phasing

checks to verify proper phase rotation

of the generator leads before the initial closure of the breaker.