Turbine Diagnostic Services, Inc. (TDS) has experienced turbine mechanical and control engineers that can provide onsite, unit specific training courses. Courses are custom constructed for the topics of:

                  - Operator

                  - Maintenance

                  - Controls Troubleshooting

One can expect to train on the equipment at hand, not to equipment and course materials of a generic basis. TDS can provide operational training for the customer’s existing control as well as providing familiar training for the operators on control system retrofits. All TDS training courses will be conducted on-site, at the customer’s facility.

Here is a summary listing of courses available:

                  - Turbine Generator Operations and Operator Training

                  - Turbine Generator Controls and Troubleshooting

                  - Turbine Mechanical Maintenance, Vibration Analysis and Balancing

                  - Customer Unit Specific Topics

TDS also works closely with HPC Technical Services in Bradenton, Florida with involvement both as a training associate and as an instructor. HPC Technical Services has a 5,000 square foot training center for the purpose of conducting a wide range of turbine generator training courses.

TDS assists HPC Technical services with certain specialized training instruction roles. TDS has authorized HPC Technical Services to be the training representative for the new Turbine Diagnostic Service TurboNet DASH 1® control system.  The HPC facility will have a fully functional control panel and HMI/EWS and will offer courses in operator training and system application engineering.

Please contact TDS for your training needs or our associates at HPC Technical Services.

On Site Training Services