Turbine Diagnostic Services, Inc. (TDS) On-Site, Container Mounted System is:

a Portable KAYDON TURBO-TOC®Turbine Oil Filter and Conditioner


- 100 gallon per minute flow rate.

- Continuous Particle Counter Readings using installed

  Laser Particle Counter for Inlet and Outlet with Sample Stations. 
- Constructed into a standard overseas 20’ shipping container. 
- 200 feet of suction and discharge hose, fittings, valves, spare

  filters, rags and sample bottles provided. 
- 3 Micron nominal outlet filter for filtration down to 16/13 ISO

- Full flow water separator/coalescing filter for Water Removal

  down to 150 PPM.

- ASME Code 3 filter vessels.

- Control panel for emergency stop.

- TDS operators available for 24 hour support and customer assistance.

- For 32 weight turbine lube oil only.

- Powered by any 480 VAC, 3 phase standard welding receptacle wired

  with phase rotation switch.

- Connects to 60 amp welding receptacle with 100 foot extension cable.

- Four (4) foot containment wall around filtration skid.

- Automatic water (with meter) and drain sumps which pump to mounted

  55 gallon waste  drums.

- Nitrogen Purge System.

- 2000 gallon Storage Tanks Available.

Shipping Container Easily Loaded on Flatbed Trailer

Installed Continuous Particle Counter with Instant LED Readout


Lube Oil Filtration and conditioning

Our Phones are 24/7

Innovative for proactive maintenance solutions, TDS's Portable

Oil Filtration System Incorporates a continuous laser particle

counter. With its local accuracy, it is used to determine ongoing

changes in contamination levels. The software allows TDS to

support long term trending, roll off and finished component test


On-Site Oil Clean Up



The turbine oil-conditioner combines particulate and water removal system with a 100 GPM process rate. With water removal and high particulate filters, expectations of 150 ppm of total water and an ISO 16/13 particulate level are realistic. This system is built into a 20 foot overseas shipping container with a container weight of approx.18,000 pounds. Most of all systems will get cleaned of suspended contamination to within OEM spec in 1 to 3 days. The system is used in a scavenging mode, filtering the oil from the tank and returning the oil to the tank. TDS trained operator coverage is available to you on a 24 hour/365 day basis to support customer requirements with the unit in service or during an outage.

Portable Oil Filtration System

Featuring: KAYDON TURBO-TOC® Model KLC100H Turbine Oil Conditioner .

TDS's Oil Filtration and Conditioning Services provides timely reports for quality

control and on-line flushing without the need to send samples out which:

    -  Saves the Customer money

    -  Prevents expensive downtime

    -  Provides the ability for the Customer to see their  oil contamination levels on a  "real time" basis.


Fast and Effective