The control processors are supplied in a triple redundant arrangement. All the processors are in control at the same time. All the inputs are voted before processing and all outputs are voted at the hardware level.

 The control processors can be replaced online with no effects on the process when the Input / Output (I/O) is being controlled by a Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) I/O card. If it is a simplex I/O card (non-essential signals), the I/O is only affected when the controller it is connected to is restarted.

 All the processors are connected to the Ethernet Data Highway (EDH) and only the voter controller updates the signals on the EDH highway.

Each controller has a high speed connection to its two other partners in order to share voting data and coordinate information and process state.

Each processor has an dedicated Ethernet Input Output (E-I/O) connection used to communicate with its I/O modules. Each processor has dedicated I/O modules to ensure that a failure of a single I/O module does not compromise integrity of the system.

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New I/O Module Features:

     - Combustion Dynamics (GTG)

     - Triple Redundant Power Load Unbalance (STG)

     - Shaft Voltage Monitoring

     - True TMR I/O Signal Flow

Control Processor Chassis: 

     -Triple Modular Redundant (TMR)

       Processors with Signal Voting

Some Current Features

- TurboNet HMI/EWS & TDS Historian Linux Based

- TDS Written Software & Algorithms (No 3rd party software)

- Standard and Specialized I/O Modules with signal protection

- Triple Redundant Speed Inputs with Speed Protection Modules that are TESTABLE ON-     LINE!

- TSI and Vibration Monitoring Module with Diagnostic Analysis and Plotting

- EHC Servo loop Control Module 
  ( includes MPU input for Flow Divider, If applicable )

New and coming soon 

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TMR Processors in Test