Historian Capabilities 

Unlimited Data Logging Capabilities - The TurboNet DASH 1® historian is built on existing database engine technology. This allows for the easy addition of permanent storage. Using current technology the system can easily store all the operational data for the life of a power plant. 

Linux Based - Linux has emerged as an alternative to the Windows operating system when absolute reliability is a must. Properly configured stations do not have software lockups associated with windows. 

Integrated with RTTrend - All the Human Machine Interfaces (HMI's) can be configured to access the historian for real time trending. This allows for seamless integration of trends for troubleshooting. 

Integrated with HistTrend - All the HMI's can be configured to access the historian for historical data. Using this application the user can scroll through a timeline by just dragging the mouse. The operator can also input dates directly when appropriate. 

Automatic Report Generator - The historian supports a report generation language. This allows for generation, emissions, totalizers, etc. reports that need to be generated on a regular basis to be automated. These reports can be stored on a hard drive, printed to a hard copy or both. 

Data Logging - The data can be logged on a time trigger, absolute value change, percentage value change or both. This allows for the ultimate flexibility on when the data is logged in order to optimize speed and storage. 

SOE Logging - The control system timestamps events at the processor with sub-second accuracy. This data is stored in the historian for easy graphical access. This can be a great tool for troubleshooting fast transients. 

Operator Action Logging - The control system logs all the operator actions as well as the drop that the action originated from. This data is later presented in a graphical format to help understand which and when operator actions occurred. This allows the reconstruction of plant trips and what led to them.