With a Multitude of many on site jobs, we are always looking to add more to the TDS team !

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Our seasoned and industry experienced Engineers will get the job done the first time allowing you minimum down time.

Collectively, our in-house field engineering staff has over 190 man years of hands-on industry experience.

Our Phones are 24/7

Turbine Diagnostic Services, Inc.

Experienced staff

Turbine Diagnostic Services, Inc. (TDS) maintains an expert and experienced workforce of startup engineers, mechanical turbine engineers, mechanical services representatives, generator engineers/specialists, excitation control engineers, turbine control engineers, control and vibration technicians and turbine millwrights.

with experience in

  • Mechanical Maintenance Services - Steam and Gas Turbine and BOP
  • Control System Services - Turbine Generator and BOP
  • Electrical Maintenance Services - Steam and Gas Turbine and associated BOP
  • Vibration Analysis of Rotating Equipment - Turbines and Generators
  • Training Services - Plant Specific and General Topics - Both on and off site.