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Black Start / Emergency Standby / Peaking

Gas Turbine Generator Plant

Overall, this offering for sale consists of four (4) Viking Gas Turbine Generators, each nominally rated at 1.475 MWe. These units are constructed into a modular plant totaling 5 - 6.5 MWe, depending on the site conditions. They have been modified with a MEE Industries inlet air fogging capability which will provide for power augmentation and NOx emission reductions.

The heart of this  power plant are Viking Gas Turbines, one model KG2-3C and three model KG2-3A machines currently upgraded to KG2-3C technology and firing status. They comply with the OEM service bulletins and have been upgraded to the TurboNet DASH 1® DCS turbine control system, balance of plant control and DCS and HMI stations, historian, multi-function digital protective relaying and auto-synchronizers.  

These machines are currently set-up for operation on liquid fuel (#2 Diesel Fuel) but, can be converted to gas utilizing the TurboNet DASH 1® controls.

These radial flow gas turbines with Ideal generators were originally designed as emergency standby generators. 
These four gas turbine generators have been inspected, repaired and upgraded to allow for continued operation at higher firing temperatures. 

The only requirements for the site is the access of power lines, access of fuel and a water supply to feed the inlet air water fogging system (BACT).

The site consists of four turbine containers and inlet containers, an electrical services container and a control room container.

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Viking GAS Turbines