Applications / features

The TurboNet DASH 1® is a robust, low-cost Digital Control System (DCS) that has been designed by Turbine Diagnostic Services, Inc. (TDS) specifically to control gas and steam turbine generators of all sizes and configurations. TurboNet is expandable to control and monitor all turbine generator functions, and if desired, the Balance of Plant (BOP) controls, as well. While the basic TurboNet System will control the turbine generator and associated subsystems for status monitoring and alarm functions, the system is expandable with options such as:

  • Historian Capabilities

  • Engineering Work Station (EWS) Features

  • Gas Turbine Upgrades

  • Steam Turbine Upgrades

  • Safety Features

To meet the Customer’s needs, these options can be installed initially or, added at a later time. The buttons above or, the main page drop down tabs provide further details.

The TurboNet DASH 1®  System is truly a custom configurable DCS that can be customized to provide any range of options and desired I/O complexity required by the Customer.

The TurboNet DASH 1®   hSas been applied to control turbines supplied from many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Designed to accommodate all types of applications including, but not limited to: two and three shaft machines, simple and combined cycle machines, black start machines and turbines with gas or liquid fuel combustion (with or without water or steam injection, for NOx control). A Partial Installation Experience listing is provided on our website. Please contact Turbine Diagnostic Services, Inc. for our full Installation Experience Listing.