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Turbine Diagnostic Service, Inc. (TDS)  specializes in vibration analysis of turbine generator equipment. Our efforts specialize in multi-shaft large steam and gas turbine generators.

Determining the cause of the vibration is vitally important in turbine generator equipment due to the costs of down time. Balancing efforts are only prescribed based on substantiating evidence that balance of the rotating equipment will have a positive improvement of the vibration conditions on the machines.

TDS is proficient at the diagnostic techniques required to determine the vibration causes in steam or gas turbines and their respective generators. TDS is intimate with the internal construction of both steam and gas turbines and their respective generators, and the causes of problems and resulting vibration characteristics. TDS is fully aware of the normal expansion characteristics of these rotating machines and aware of the binding points and misalignment that causes certain vibration patterns in turbine generator equipment. TDS can monitor the multi-axis expansion of turbine generator equipment to determine misaligning conditions.

Vibration Analysis & Balancing

TDS utilizes state of the art, current Bently Nevada technology, for real time vibration data collection and analysis. TDS currently has 24 channels of real time vibration analysis equipment and capable of monitoring the largest steam turbine generator equipment in service in the world. TDS uses the Bently Nevada “Adre® for Windows®” software for vibration data presentation. 

While TDS uses the Bently Nevada vibration analysis equipment, it is our extensive experience in the field vibration analysis and balancing of an extremely wide range of turbine generator equipment that makes TDS the most technically competent field balancing organization in the world.