Safety  Features

User Selectable Fail Open or Fail Closed Relay Contacts - Allows the user to select which state a device should be when the control system fails. All relay outputs are fused. 

Triple Redundant Over Speed Protection - Contains three separate modules to monitor turbine speed. This requires two out of three modules to run the turbine to be tested online by reducing the over speed trip set point on an individual module basis and monitoring the status of the associated trip relay. 

Hardwired Trips - The control system has provisions for three hardwired trips. 

Verification of Speed Probe Integrity on Turning Gear - Many control systems cannot verify that the speed probes are connected and properly gapped before starting the turbine. Other control systems use fail-prone active probes. The TurboNet DASH 1® has enough sensitivity to read turning gear speed (> 2 RPM) using standard magnetic speed probes and a 60 tooth wheel. This ensures that the speed feedback is intact before admitting steam to the turbine and possible over speeding it. 

Fail Safe Hydraulic Valve Control - The TurboNet DASH 1® can control the hydraulic valves as originally supplied by the OEM. This means utilizing the existing LVDT and servos and their associated fail-safe strategy. TDS does not have to retrofit electric valves thus avoiding this expense. In addition electric valves cannot be redundant. Other turbine retrofitters, in some cases, have applied electric valves using belts to connect the electric actuator to the valve stem. This system would be the wrong application for a fuel or steam system as it fails in place instead of failing closed. TDS does not need third party modules and their associated interfacing wiring in order to control hydraulic valves. TDS' modules are built into the control system. 

Vibration Thrust & Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation (TSI) Monitoring - The TurboNet DASH1® has vibration and monitoring built into the control system. No third party modules are necessary for interfacing proximities and seismic probes. The control system already has all the hardware required to properly monitor the TSI all powered by the redundant power supply that powers the rest of the control system. No troublesome interfacing wiring is required to protect the machine. 

Fail Safe Over-speed Protection - Because the TurboNet DASH 1® overspeed sub-system has enough sensitivity to measure speed throughout the operating range of the turbine, including turning gear, the overspeed trip logic is never bypassed. The relay logic is built in such a way that upon failure of any overspeed module the relay is dropped.