Job Description:

This start up engineer will have an existing understanding of the operation, construction and control of large and medium steam turbine generators.  This engineer will be experienced in the mechanical assembly of a steam turbine generator and the MHC & EHC governor control functions.  This applicant will be familiar with vibration analysis and balancing of steam and gas turbine generators.  

Applicant will perform steam turbine generator operational inspections (ISI), operational and controls troubleshooting & calibration, and unit mechanical overhauls. This engineer will be further trained in the use of ADRE vibration analysis equipment & temporary probe augmentation and TurboNet DASH 1 control system for installation & commissioning support and troubleshooting opportunities. This engineer will be capable of troubleshooting other control systems such as Woodward, GE Mark I - VI and MHC Flyball Governors and well versed in the operation and wiring schemes of the subsystem equipment and motor starters. 

Secondarily, this engineer may support gas turbine generator projects and troubleshooting as the individual experience level allows.  Experience for large frame based gas turbines is a bonus.

This is a full time field service engineering position.  Individual must be motivated, self directed, and responsible.  Individual must be open minded about undertaking project support which may be outside of their immediate comfort zone and the research and troubleshooting skills should make this individual adaptable.  Time between field assignment s will be utilized at the TDS headquarters in Odessa, FL for support of TDS projects, completing reports, proposals, and TurboNet development.


BSME preferred BSEE alternatively, 8 years experience in turbine overhauls and unit startup/commissioning & controls troubleshooting. OEM/GE experience/training, job management and Bently-Nevada ADRE 208 experience is preferred.Must have sound writing skills and be proficient in Microsoft Office & Excel.

Steam Turbine Start Up Engineer